What Causes an Atlas Misalignment ?


The top bone in your neck is referred to as your “Atlas” because it carries your world. In most cases a person’s Atlas bone becomes misaligned due to some form of trauma such as a slip or fall, car accident, sports injury, or even from the birthing process itself. Once the Atlas bone becomes misaligned it takes your head with it, creating a head tilt and compression on your brain’s stem and spinal cord. Over time, if the Atlas is not realigned, your body will begin to compensate. 

In most cases this compensation begins in your pelvis, until little by little you develop multiple postural compensations. As the rest of your spine begins to shift every muscle, ligament, and tendon connected to your spine become stressed. The stress from these structures further irritate your nervous system until muscular tension, pain, and soreness ensue. Soon the tension from your muscles begin to cause decreased blood and oxygen circulation, and as a result your organs become nutrient deprived. This is referred to as an ATLAS DISPLACEMENT COMPLEX.

As this ATLAS DISPLACEMENT COMPLEX develops a person can develop an array of symptoms ranging from neck pain, low back pain, dizziness, vertigo, headaches/migraines, indigestion, ringing in their ears, constipation, and sciatic pain just to name a few examples. In most cases if the Atlas bone is re-aligned these symptoms will go away, but if the Atlas bone is left uncorrected a person’s health will continue to deteriorate.

Only a professionally trained Upper Cervical Chiropractor can definitively determine if your Atlas is misaligned however, here are a few things you can check for yourself that might indicate you need to see an upper cervical chiropractor.

1. Do you often feel as if you need to pop or crack your neck?

2. Do you experience anxiety or panic attacks?

3. When you see yourself in a picture does your head tilt off to one side?

4. Have you noticed uneven wear on the soles of your shoes?

5. When you look in the mirror does it appear as if one shoulder is higher?

6. Do you experience frequent headaches?

7. Do you suffer from digestive problems?

8. Do you suffer from fatigue?

If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions, you should schedule a free chiropractic consultation with Dr. Billiris to see if he could help you.

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