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Before going to Dr. Chad, I was seeing another chiropractor regularly and was not showing any signs of improvement, I actually began feeling worse. I thought that maybe my pains simply couldn't be fixed through chiropractic, so I gave up on it. BUT I was wrong! Dr. Chad has completely changed everything! Little did I know that there are MANY different styles of chiropractic, and the approach Dr. Chad uses has had amazing results with me. I have only been going for about a couple months and I literally feel like a new person already! I'm very excited to continue to make progress and feel better and better with each adjustment. Thank you Dr. Chad!


I have been to many different chiropractors throughout my life and they’ve all basically been the same. Dr. Chad has a different approach, however, and I’m finally getting great results! And not just in my neck and back... I also have more energy, a clear mind, and better mood. He is great with my kids too, they both go to him and love him! Very thorough, caring, and informative.


When I first came to see Dr. Chad I had general aches and pains that I just associated with lifestyle, age and bed quality...thinking it was normal and something I couldn't effect aside from with stretching and yoga. Finding out that my spine was out of whack and my one leg was shorter than the other was a shock, but Dr. Chad made me feel safe and like it was totally fixable. After two weeks of extremely gentle adjustments and some light coaching from Dr. Chad I am waking with NO PAIN, don't have any stiffness in my shoulders, neck and back and actually have more energy/less brain fog. Consider me a believer! Chiropractic in Cape May Pain Management in Cape May Court House chiropractor


Dr. Chad is the most accommodating and helpful doctor I have ever visited. He has consistently gone over and above to deliver individualized care-- not only working around schedules and the like, but taking the time to go over very specific biomechanical interactions, everyday scenarios, etc.

Having visited chiropractors in the past, the difference in both the level and quality of care is astounding. Not only do I see and feel a noticeable difference in my level of pain, but Dr. Chad has gone to great lengths to describe and explain the various ways in which my pain manifests in the first place. 

As such, I not only leave the office feeling better in the moment, but life outside the office and between visits has improved substantially. Thanks to Dr. Chad's patience and guidance, I now understand how to avoid many of the situations and circumstances that are likely to do my body harm. 


Dr Chad knows his stuff and goes beyond what you think conventional chiropractics do. Highly recommended!!


I've lived most of my adult life with chronic back and neck pain, due to the field of work I'm in. I've gone to massage therapists and other chiropractors and none managed to ease the pain more than a few days, so i had all but given up and figured I would have to live with it. Two weeks after going to Dr. Chad and the pain has all but vanished because he actually paid attention to what I had to say. He truly cares for his patients well being. Highly recommend this guy!!!