Should My Child Receive Chiropractic Care ?

     Perhaps there is no population where chiropractic is more important than in children. It’s important to remember, birth can be traumatic for not only the mother, but the baby as well. Getting a baby’s spine checked, and adjusted, as early as possible will enable the nervous system to continue to grow and develop appropriately. 

    Pediatric adjustments are light and gentle. Children don’t have near as much muscle stabilizing their frame, so it takes very little force to correct any sort of misalignment. It is important to keep in mind, that if there is an Atlas misalignment present in babies, toddlers, children or teenagers, it will inhibit their neuro-musckolo-skeltal development in a way that may have chronic side effects.

    When pediatric patients come in for an examination Dr. Billiris will examine their muscular system, their skeletal system and check for milestone development in order to analyze their neurological development. In addition, to checking for an ATLAS DISPLACEMENT. It is vitally important to be analyzed for misalignments in the spine before skeletal maturity takes place, especially for an ATLAS DISPLACEMENT.

    If you have further questions about Pediatric Chiropractic, feel free to ask Dr. Billiris and he would be glad to discuss with you the benefits of Chiropractic Care for your young children. In the meantime, visit and you can have access to some great research about Pediatric Chiropractic.